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WELCOME TO Reliance Motors 

A leading supplier of pre-owned vehicles, of all shape and functionality from around the world.

It is a prominent addition to the global network of Autocraft Japan Co. Ltd., a firm with a long and successful history of vehicle exports world-wide. Established in 2005, it specilizes in informing and supplying the Namibian market with primarily Japanese imports. Besides Japan, the firm also imports significant number of units from Singapore and Dubai. Reliance Motors (RM) distributes all of its stock of right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles in Namibia.

Apart from sales of imported vehicles, RM also conducts relevant support activities for its clients to ensure safe hand-over to the owner, such as police clearance, NaTIS testing, registration and number plates. Due to minor differences in shape and form compared to local models, we also carefully ensure a steady supply of spare-parts and acessories through esisting dealerships and dedicated service centers such as Cymot, Gregs, B.H Motors etc. Imported vehicles are largely considered to be a gray market product in Namibia, with no specific laws or regulations expressly prohibiting trade activities. Thus RM also actively negotiates and concludes agreements with accredited vehicle servicing firms and mechanics to avail quality technical support for its imports. Currently, in the light of greater business opportunities, most main-stream dealerships have been providing this support to legal and grey-market vehicles alike.


Autocraft Japan Ltd. (ACJ) is a trusted source of quality pre-owned vehicles in all major international markets. It is a firm with a long history of sourcing and exporting vehicles of any shape and utility to the global community. The Autocraft Japan Group commenced its operations during 1990s and due to its critical success, have gradually grown and expanded into 12 countries. At present, it is globally active in 32 countries in terms of foreign trade. Through its subsidiaries, ACJ exports around 4,200 units per month throughout the world.



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Shahid Hasib
Managing Director